Sunshine Coast Radiology is a proud sponsor of the Sunshine Coast Symphony Orchestra

Since opening our first practice in Warana in 2007, Sunshine Coat Radiology has seen thousands of patients who have been able to access the highest quality imaging and diagnostic services locally.

We now feature practices across the Sunshine Coast, with an ongoing commitment to our patients and Doctors who put their trust in us every day, our staff and the community we serve.

Indeed, one of our core values is to ensure the hearts and minds of our people have the opportunity to flourish, extending from our dedicated healthcare team – through to the wider community of the Sunshine Coast.

That is why we are so pleased to be an official sponsor of the Sunshine Coast Symphony Orchestra (SCSO). This wonderful orchestra of over 50 musicians touches the hearts and minds through outstanding musical performances across the Coast.

We are proud to be an official supporter and encourage everyone to attend the concerts of the Sunshine Coast Symphony Orchestra, who bring quality symphonic music to the residents of the Sunshine Coast.