As well as a full symphony orchestra, of approximately 50 players, the Sunshine Coast Symphony Orchestra has a number of smaller bands from brass to ensembles also available for hire at weddings and similar private and corporate functions.

We welcome the opportunity to work on commercial and corporate events and always look forward to working with you to create a unique and enjoyable experience.   Please contact our Orchestra Secretary, at any stage of your planning process.   Whilst we are flexible in making any arrangement work, you may like to consider some of the questions below, to achieve maximum impact.

What sort of event are you planning ?

*     What is the nature of the event ? (concert performance, musical introduction to an event, fanfare etc)

*     What type of venue is it ? (outdoor, concert hall, private residence)

*     Will your organisation be handling the production of the musical element of the event (staging, lighting, sound etc) or are any of these elements required ?

*     What size ensemble would you like to hire ? (full orchestra, single player, brass quintet, small ensemble)

*     How long do you need the performance to last ?

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