A Night at the Proms


A brilliant Prom 2016 concert to conclude a season of wonderful playing by the Sunshine Coast Symphony Orchestra, emanating from the first note of Handel’s Firework Music to the concluding rousing Elgar’s Pomp and Circumstance – Land of Hope and Glory.

All the sections were in fine form and tune most ably and musically led by “concert master” Alex Pattri, and all certainly rose to the festive occasion. Talented playing and expertise were in abundance as the flag waving and enthusiastic “Promenaders” were wowed by the programme and the pageantry.

Hettie van Wyk – the soprano soloist for the evening was wonderful and contributed so much to the spectacle, and grandeur of the occasion.

Many of the “full house” audience expressed their delight and pleasure to me at the interval and conclusion of the concert to say “it was one of the best ever”.  So it was!!!

Adrian King – Conductor.

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